We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), multidisciplinary, a non-profit organization, integrated by professionals and students committed with the conservation of the Natural Resources of Colombia, and with a special emphasis in aquatic mammals. 


Our mission is to contribute with the knowledge and conservation of the biological diversity, with a main focus in activities that allow us to promote the research and protection of the aquatic mammals inhabiting the coasts and the fresh water ecosystems in Colombia. For doing this, we are looking for deploying projects in scientific research, sustainable development and environmental education with communities associated to the populations of aquatic mammals.

It is our commitment to embrace and facilitate the interaction within professionals, researchers and volunteers from all of the areas interested in the research and conservation of aquatic mammals.


MACUATICOS Colombia will be a group of independent and leading researchers in the construction of a society more ecological through the responsible management of the natural resources, being protruding in scientific production about aquatic mammals in our country. Also, for 2016 we will have national and international recognition that will allow us to be part of a macro-project directed towards the study, conservation and sustainable use of the aquatic mammals in Colombia and South America.



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(+57) 3175360311

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Calle  27  Nº 79 - 167 . Medellín, Colombia

calle 27 #79-167

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